If you are very much concerned about your hair then prefer those natural ingredients than going with any of the commercial hair care products which are selling in the market. Everyone knows that avocado is very good on toast but only some of them know that these avocados can do wonders on your hair. They are a kind of fruit and which is enriched with vitamins and other nutritious supplements, so they can help you in resolving the damages to your hair. But to enjoy those benefits offered by the avocado you have to get to know ways you can use them on your hair. Below are some of the avocado hairs masks are mentioned;

Avocado with coconut oil

You can use Avocado for hair by mixing them with coconut oil. The avocado is a fruit so you can able to make the paste so easily in that case take 2-3 tablespoons of coconut oil in a bowl and put the avocado into it, now smash and mix them properly. There your coconut oil avocado hair mask is ready to wear, apply it to your scalp leave it foraround15 minutes and then rinse them. If you prefer the liquid mask put extra coconut oil into the mixture. The best part about using coconut oil is it can be easily get penetrated inside the hair so by using the avocado with coconut oil the hair can absorb the avocado extract as much as possible this is a good thing for your hair.

Avocado with olive oil

Olive oils are one of the essential oil which is extracted from the fruit of olive they can do good on your skin and hair and they prevent fungal infections. In that case, to attain extra benefits you can use avocado with olive oil. Take one avocado and mix them with ¼ of olive oil and apply it to your hair.

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Avocado with olive oil and lemon or eggs

You can get extra options in using olive oil with avocado, if you want you can add eggs or few drops of lemon to the mixture. The eggs can make your hair shine and resolve all the issues of damaged hair and the lemon can act as an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent. When dandruff is your biggest problem you can go with the olive oil and lemon option.

There are hundreds of benefits of avocado hair masks you can enjoy from so before making use of any of hair masks get to know those benefits for effective usage.