Styling the hair is one of those favorite things of women and to style them they are making using certain hair accessories. These accessories helping them in getting the grandeur look, when it comes to hair accessories there are so many, and using the one is completely based on the likings of individuals. Even though there are hundreds of hair accessories some of them are always in a trending position one of that is elastic hair combs. However, to use those elastic hair combs you should get to know the ways to use elastic hair combs.

Elastic combs

These are the kinds of combs that come with elasticity. Now a day’s most girls prefer to use elastic combs while they are styling their hair. Through using elastic combs you can get a cool look but the only thing is you should understand how to use them or else it spoils your hairstyle. To help those who are unaware of using them here hairzing using is explained systematically;

hair accessories

Step one

The first and foremost thing you have to do is slide your fingers of yours through the elastic bands. Remember while holding the elastic comb your fingers should be placed on the top of it and your thumb finger on the downside of the elastic comb.

Step two

After holding the elastic combs comfortably gather all your hair based on the hairstyle you going to have. Now you have to place the first comb inside your hair with the teeth of the comb touching your hair, ensure it. Because when they are not placed tightly then you come off your hair.

Step three

Once you have placed one side of the comb inside your hair now you have to continue it withholding the first comb in place and stretch the second comb via the opposite side to place them on another side.

Step four

While placing the second teeth inside your hair, flip them down and then slide them into your scalp. After placing the second comb check whether the teeth of the second comb are placed against the teeth of the first comb. If they are faced opposite then you have worn them in the right way.

Most of them have an idea of using elastic hair combs but due to not knowing how to use they just ignore them. For those people, this article can give hands-on wearing the elastic combs, look at them and get benefited.