Trying different styles on hair has become one of those favorite things for this generation of girls and in that row, if you are admiring those curls hairstyles you can have them so easily. People are thinking that the only way to get curls on hair is through using the heat hair appliances but it is not the fact. There are ways to get cute waves in hair without iron so while you are looking for curls you can follow these ways to get them.

Simple curls

Getting the curls on straight hair is not at all that difficult thing to get accomplish because your hairs going to settle in the way you are treating then. In that case, get the simple curls to pull your hair up and wear the ponytail. After wearing the ponytail separate the sections of hair and wrap them with your middle or index finger and secure them with the hair clips leave it for at least 20-30 minutes, so that your hair strands get the simple curls as you want. The part to remember is after removing the clips you shouldn’t comb them tightly just have smooth combing to get perfect curl looks.

Heatless curls

The easy way to get curls is using heat appliances but if you don’t want to use them to get curls here is a simple way. To get them you have to make use of hair spray over your hair at first and separate the small section of hair and first work on them. Make use of your middle or index finger and wrap the hair around it and clip them over your scalp, like a wise you should wrap each section of hair. After completing the wrapping you have to leave them for 40 minutes then remove the clips and bind the curling with hair spray that is to extend the life of heatless curls.

simple curls

Avoid continuous combing and rubbing

The best way to get the natural curls is by avoiding the rubbing of hair after shampooing or hair wash, when you rub the hair it loses the curls. Instead of rubbing the hair wrap the hair or twist the hair as much as possible because these things encourage the curls and most importantly don’t comb your hair frequently which disturbs your curls remember it.

Having the natural curls becomes the easier one via these ways; if you want you can prefer any of the ways mentioned above.