People belonging to this generation are highly dependent on commercial hair and skin care products but do you think all the time they can provide you the best results that you are expecting not at all. Sometimes your kitchen or household things can do it for your hair and skin. The milk is one of those brilliant ingredients which can offer so many benefits to your hair, in earlier days peoples take bath in milk. Now you cannot do that but you can make use of them in some more ways as a hair mask. Here are some easy DIY milk hair masks for healthy hair;

hair masks recipesMilk and banana

Everyone knows that banana is rich with certain beneficial properties; there is no limitation for using them on your skin or hair. Because the banana only does good things to you in that case you can smash the banana in milk and make it like a paste now you can apply them to your hair. By this, your hair gets nourished and the protein in the milk strengthens your hair further and prevents the hair from getting dry.

Milk and honey

The best part of using honey to hair or skin is they are rich in antimicrobial activities so that you will be never getting those fungal infections when you are using them between proper intervals. To enjoy the benefits of milk and honey thoroughly you have to mix up them properly before applying them to your hair. Mix in the quantity of two tablespoon honey in one cup of milk and leave them in the hair for 20 minutes before hair wash.

Milk and eggs

Both of these ingredients are rich in proteins so they can encourage your hair beyond your expectation. Take 2 eggs and a half cup of milk in a bowl and whisk them, after that apply it to your hair and allow them for 30-40 minutes. If you want you can add few drops of lemon to it that can help your hair in preventing fungal infections on hair. The eggs can five shiny and glossy looks to your hair.

Few of the hair masks recipes with milk are mentioned above which you can prefer to encourage your hair but more to it there are some more recipes if you want you can get to know all of them with the help of the internet.